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The Very Stones Cry Out

The Persecuted Church: Pain, Passion and Praise

by Caroline Cox & Benedict Rogers


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Continuum - A Bloomsbury Company
Published:15 September 2011
How much consideration do most British churches give to Christians around the world who suffer for their faith? Baroness Cox and Benedict Rogers have travelled widely to record persecution faced by Christians in well-reported places like Burma, China, Iran and North Korea. But, in many other countries Colombia, India, Laos, Sudan, Vietnam and others - Christians also face harassment, arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, torture or even death for their faith.
Many courageous Christians, facing persecution, continue to speak out on behalf of their communities. No other faith and its followers have suffered as much as Christians in recent years or do so today.
This invaluable survey competently introduces us to countries where persecution of Christians is endemic and frequently encouraged or used as official government policy. Here are stories of real people facing situations we can hardly imagine.
We owe Baroness Cox and Benedict Rogers a great debt for their efforts in providing us with this book which everyone should read. It encourages us, as Western Christians living in freedom, to be a voice for the voiceless. It should be used to raise awareness in our churches of what is happening in so many places today. It should encourage us to pray earnestly for the suffering Church.

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Reviewer: Graham Wise   (17/03/12)
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