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On Retreat: A Lenten Journey

Mowbray Lent Book

by Andrew Walker


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Mowbray imprint of Continuum
Published:08 December 2011
The title may put some people off, because the term ‘retreat’ suggests going away somewhere, into some secluded place. However that is not what Andrew Walker means as his first paragraph makes clear. His is very much alongside the everyday. He offers a clear pattern but one that is certainly not rigid or prescriptive.
Each chapter covers one phase of the Lenten journey; ‘being human’, ‘healing’, ‘contemporary living’, ‘responsibility’, ’sexuality and spirituality’, ‘vocation and response’, ‘prayer’. They incorporate the author’s own experience which sometimes reflects his Franciscan background, continuing with a period of premeditated prayer, a couple of readings for consideration, and finally some thoughts for today encouraged by the session.
The book is clear and concise. The Bible readings for meditation are included in full in the appendix. The final parts of each session are thought provoking and sometimes risky. It is undoubtedly a good companion for any season but will particularly aid a personal re-examination this Lent. I strongly recommend it.

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Reviewer: Paul Scott   (02/02/12)
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