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What Are We Doing On Earth For Christ's Sake

by Richard Leonard


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Paulist Press distributed by Columba Press
Published:March 2015
From a throw-away ‘cuss-line' by a Catholic ‘doubting Thomas' on a plane, this moving book's three ‘chapters' each cover a dozen or more subjects.

BELIEF AND UNBELIEF is a compassionate approach to the dialogue between atheism and belief, their limitations, similarities and differences, with sections on science and religion and other faiths. 

QUESTIONS OF FAITH deals sensitively with stumbling blocks such as contradictions and apparent inaccuracies in the Bible, God's ‘heartlessness' in sending his Son to suffer and die, child abuse and its cover-up, the role and misuse of religion in wars, and many others.

WITNESSES OF FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE is a moving account of the lives of known and less known Christians, some canonised, some not; all seen in a no-holds-barred manner, at times hilarious, astonishing and deeply moving. 

The whole book is thought-provoking and honest, at times showing a strong Australian humour by a master story teller who ‘walks the talk'. It now has an established place on my bookshelf.

Reviewer: Tony Shepherd   (02/06/15)
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