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Outside the Womb

Moral Guidance for Assisted Reproduction

by Scott B. Rae & D. Joy Riley


Publisher:Moody Press from Trust Media Distribution
Published:20 February 2011
This book is dedicated by both authors to those who have to deal with the pain of infertility, whether they are an infertile couple, concerned professionals or simply friends who ‘walk alongside’. Scott Rae writes as an ethicist and Joy Riley as a physician. Both write as ethically conservative Christians.
The book is in two parts. In the first, a general overview is attempted. This introduces the reader to the ways in which people experience infertility and to the many bewildering medical terms they will encounter as they consider the possibility of reproduction Outside the Womb. Throughout these chapters related biblical themes are also interwoven and explored.
In the second part, the authors consider a number of techniques and procedures including: intrauterine insemination and egg donation; GIFT, ZIFT and IVF; surrogate motherhood; prenatal genetic testing. Technical terms and complex techniques are fully explained.
The book does, however, approach all of this from a very definite standpoint. This is summed up in an Afterword by Susan Haack, an obstetrician-gynaecologist: ‘Our understanding of embryos as persons who are beginning a journey of their own, created and ordained by God, must be the primary principle governing our approach to the use of any technology.’

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Reviewer: Alan Billings   (27/09/11)
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