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Heaven Revealed

What is it Like? What Will We Do?

by Paul Ennis


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Moody Press from Trust Media Distribution
Published:April 2011
Paul Ennis makes an intriguing journey into a much-misunderstood concept. One of the most important things to understand about him is that he lost his wife after a 45-year marriage, or, as he called it, a forty-five year honeymoon. This is such a tragedy, yet Paul is far from bitter. He chooses, instead, to dwell on the eternal. I have always found the subject of heaven an uncomfortable one, as most ex-Catholics, I suppose, might. I was taught to feel that I was are not good enough and that I had to earn it, whereas the truth is Heaven is open to all who believe in God. Heaven is already glimpsed at in the Bible; Elisha, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel all peeked into Heaven. Paul explains that our bodies will be transformed into recognisable, imperishable, glorified, powerful and spiritual bodies, with no limitations. Paul also dwells on the truths about the new heaven and new earth, and adds that the new heaven will be on earth during Jesusí millennial reign. I liked this book a lot, and I would love to point it towards all those Christians who are afraid of death.

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Reviewer: Alice Collins   (28/06/11)
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