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7 Truths That Changed the World

Discovering Christianityís Most Dangerous Ideas

by Kenneth Richard Samples


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Baker Books imprint of Baker Pub. from Lion
Published:June 2012
A strong, well reasoned and articulate book that works well to set up and demonstrate the 7 dangerous truths of Christianity that the New Atheist movement continually tries to dismantle and disprove, often without real success because as this book shows so well, they donít understand the basic and integral underlying arguments and suppositions behind the truths. They fail to understand the classic philosophy, theology and anthropological basis upon which these truths are built, and thatís rather like not understanding basic physics while arguing E=mc2. By so doing they lose sight of the key tenets of those arguments that actually hold them up and prove them to be sound.
Examples listed in this book as the 7 main dangerous ideaís are Bodily Resurrection; The Incarnation; Creation; God & Christian Theism; Salvation by Grace through Christ; Humanityís Value and Dignity and lastly The Problem of Evil and The Good in Suffering.
All of these are complex issues and in each section Kenneth Samples at first comprehensively lays out the theological and scriptural argument and then, in the next chapter, works through the modern objections and dismantles them. At the end of each section there are also a series of discussion questions along with suggestions for further reading. This is not a simple book, but it is not overly taxing either because it is clearly written with a good style.
Well worth the time and effort if you want to be able to discuss clearly key elements of Christian faith with anyone who holds New Atheism in regard

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/07/12)
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