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Pastors in the Classics

Timeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature

by Leland Ryken, Philip Ryken & Todd Wilson


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Baker Books imprint of Baker Pub. from Lion
Published:01 January 2012
Pastors in the Classics really is a book unlike any other. Spanning the breadth of mainly Western literature, primarily from the last few centuries, it aims, in part one, to provide in depth analysis of twelve classic works of literature that include as key characters those in pastoral ministry. In part two, the focus is less in depth, but wider in scope, taking in 58 classic works of literature and giving concise summaries whilst emphasizing the role played by pastors in these novels. The authors are keen to deal with the issues each novel brings up Ė from temptation and sin to humility and Christlikeness, and the great spectrum of virtues and vices of ministers in between. It provides a fascinating read, and part one includes questions and discussion starters designed for book clubs and reading the novels it discusses with friends. There is a lot to be gained by having this book handy when reading through the novels it deals with. However, there is a general expectation that the reader will have read said novels already, and I found more enjoyment in this book when it dealt with novels I had read rather than ones I hadnít.

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Reviewer: Tim Goodall   (21/07/12)
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