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The Missional Church in Perspective

Mapping Trends and Shaping the Conversation

by Craig Van Gelder & Dwight J Zscheile


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Baker Academic imprint of Baker Publishing from SPCK
Published:01 May 2011
If you feel lost in the missional conversation, this book will go some way to clarifying things for you! Thoughtful and informative, it traces the history and development of the missional conversation, revisiting the 1998 book entitled Missional Church (ed. Darrell Guder) and considering how thinking has progressed since then. The classification of approaches to missional church is particularly helpful in its breadth and depth of study. The second half of the book then seeks to develop the missional conversation in various ways: attention is given specifically to its theological frameworks, understanding of culture and congregational and leadership practices in the missional church. I very much enjoyed my readings in this book and expect to go back to it more than a few times for reference purposes. This one is worth buying.

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Reviewer: Chloe Lynch   (28/08/12)
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