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J.I.Packer and the Evangelical Future

The Impact of His Life and Thought

Edited by Timothy George


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Baker Academic imprint of Baker Publishing from SPCK
Published:09 September 2009
This laudatory tribute to The Rev. J.I.Packer can seem rather overwhelming at times; even Packer’s bibliography runs to forty-four pages, and encompasses fifty-six years of writing. Trying to assess such an output is a daunting task indeed. There are positives to emphasise of course. Packer’s interest in, and advocacy of ‘the Puritans’ is a lasting legacy and benefit for the churches. His Evangelicalism will be heartily welcomed by some, and given serious respect and consideration by others who do not share his views. What is not so agreeable is his self-assured rejection of so much that many Christians hold dear and aspire to. For example he rejects reunion with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches by Protestants as ‘impossible’ (p184) This is not the view of his own Church, or of others for that matter.

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Reviewer: Ian Gibbs   (18/10/12)
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