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Leading Small Groups with Purpose

Everything You Need to Lead a Healthy Group

by Steve M Gladen


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Baker Books imprint of Baker Pub. from Lion
Published:28 February 2013
Small group life, can be a blessing or a bane! Shape and good help is offered here by a seasoned pastoral specialist. Gladen helps leaders articulate success clearly, develop a personal leadership plan, increase group membership, and pastor through fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship. The framework and values of Saddleback are unmistakeable but there is a humility, warmth and flexibility that permeates this resource. Gladen has possibly the best chapter given over to addressing problems - addressing them as catalysts for growth.

This is reference rich as a resource for transformation in community. There's plenty of reality, context, and understanding as well as aspiration. I love the emphasis of "the goal of discipleship is transformation" which is deeply embedded in this new book. This will usefully resource small church, to its maximum capacity. This is practical, gritty and expansive in the range of topics covered.

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (14/02/13)
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