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The Art Of Neighboring

Small Steps to Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door

by Dave Runyon and Jayshree Pathak


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Baker Publishing Group (BPG)
Published:19 October 2012
What a lovely, fresh, easy to understand book on stepping outside your comfort zone (for most these days anyway) and becoming the friendly, hospitable and caring folk we are meant to be, actually practicing it in the real and not just giving voice to it and only including as 'neighbours' those that we worship with or have something in common with. Full of practical, sane and Biblically rooted practice this book helps encourage us to move outside our front doors, our church doors and not just for a few hours of good works but for a daily living practice of building up real communities - communities in which we live, work and engage. Communities in which the stranger is our neighbour, but our neighbour is not a stranger. This book is a wonderful tool and though quite American it can nevertheless be used as a good starting point for encouraging and guiding us as both individuals and as part of a group into really going out into our neighbourhoods, really acting as the good neighbour… really embodying the heart of Christ and living the great commandment. There's a really good study guide at the back too that you can use alone but would be so much better if used in community.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (18/12/12)
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