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A New Generation Speaks Out on Christianity

by Craig Spinks, Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Baker Books imprint of Baker Pub. from Lion
Published:December 2012
Jim Henderson states "Christianity has an image problem". This book clearly shows its image problem through a series of interviews with young people in America.

Many young people were questioned and their thoughts and views recorded online and in writing. What they think about Christianity makes depressing reading. Again and again, the young people stated they like the idea of Jesus, like His teachings and could relate to Him, but they could not relate to a Christian world that seemed to them to be negative, racist, homophobic and lacking in the love Jesus demonstrated.

In a nutshell, Christians did not act like their Jesus therefore any potential impact of the church is nullified completely by how Christians live out their faith.

The dedication in the book reads "For the people Jesus misses most."

I think the major point made in the book is that Christians do not listen to people preferring to always get their point across. The authors of this book believe that if Christianity is to improve its image amongst the under 30s and bring them to faith and into the church, it has to listen and listen with understanding and not judgement.

Reviewer: Catherine Clark   (03/05/13)
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