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God Told Me

Learning To Listen For Guidance From God

by Jim Samra


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Baker Books imprint of Baker Pub. from Lion
Published:August 2012
In a Bible study group that I attend we are studying the book of Proverbs at the moment with its emphasis on wisdom. This book ties in very well with Proverbs. As the subtitle, Learning to Listen for Guidance from God, suggests, it is on the subject of guidance (and hearing God's voice). As such, I would say that it would be especially useful to younger Christians (and those who are young in Christ) or to Christians facing major decisions in life. Whatever the decision, whether it be what college to go to, what course to take, what job to apply for, who to marry or what car to buy, the reader is likely to find some help with it from this practical book. It deals with questions such as, 'Does God guide?' and, 'If so, how does he guide?' and 'How can we be sure that we are hearing God' voice?'. In chapter 3, Samra lists no less than 12 ways in which God guides. I was a little surprised to find casting lots and putting out a fleece included in this list but that may be just because God has never used these means to guide me. It is full of Biblical, historical and modern-day examples of people being guided by God as they make decisions. I found some of the discussion questions at the end of each chapter helpful in making me think about the issues raised in that chapter and my own experience of God's guidance. It has inspired me to speak on guidance next time I speak!

Reviewer: Brian Kerr   (11/06/13)
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