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The Road to Missional

Journey to the Center of the Church

by Michael Frost


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Baker Books imprint of Baker Pub. from Lion
Published:November 2011
The word missional has been around for a while and everyone assumes they know what youíre talking about even if youíre talking about very different things. This is why Andrew Wilson can write about the Missional Muddle. (See link) Itís an issue that is not lost on one of the architects of all things missional and the author of The Road to Missional: Journey to the Center of the church, Michael Frost. There is so much here that I agreed with and loved; I loved the focus on Jesus; the focus on genuine community, peace and reconciliation, sharp questions that help you become aware of who your neighbour is, an emphasis on discipleship, an everything agenda that sees value in the life and work of everybody and not just church workers. I found myself agreeing and wanting to be increasingly Ďmissionalí.
Having said all that, there are a few observations where this vision of church is missing a few important things. There was little mention of the role and place of the Holy Spirit in the life of the disciple or in the life of the church, so read The Spirit-Filled Church by Terry Virgo alongside this.

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Reviewer: Phil Whittall   (16/01/12)

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