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Outrageous Courage

What God Can Do with Raw Obedience and Radical Faith

by Kris Vallotton &Jason Vallotton


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Chosen imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:February 2013
This book is the story of Tracey Evans, a nurse who has taken the Gospel and practical love to some of the most dangerous and unpleasant places in the world. We read of her working amongst prostitutes in Los Angeles, rubbish heap scavengers in the Philippines and HIV sufferers in Africa.

The book is written in the first person being based on interviews with Tracey and published with her full permission. In the book she bares her soul speaking of her mistakes, her struggles and her joys. What shines through is first how God can transform hardened sinners (which she was herself) and second what a live devoted to God can achieve. The book is rightly entitled Outrageous Courage as her actions are brave, sometimes reckless, but never selfish.

I could not agree with all her theology, or methods. I cannot endorse the way she speaks to God nor the way she says that God guides her through dreams and visions. ­I found those parts of the book a little disturbing. However if you are able to look beyond this then the book has something to teach us about sacrificial service to the Lord.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (05/07/13)
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