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The Lifestyle of a Prophet

A 21 Day Journey to Embracing Your Calling

by James W Goll


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Chosen imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:June 2013
What an intelligent and insightful book on prophetic calling - on understanding what that is and what it really means if you believe you are called to witness and serve in a prophetic way. This 3 week journey really helps you consider what the prophetic is and in some ways helps you realise it may not be what you thought it was. It works through various biblical characters and situations and references the differences - and similarities of those with prophetic callings - that can be found in the Bible. What's so good about it though is that it starts with intimacy, it highlights prayer and relationship before it moves onto wisdom and finally revelation.

It also works hard to ground the ideas into the reality of today and the situations we find ourselves in, so that we can make an informed response to living with and having the lifestyle of a prophet. For anyone interested in the prophetic and in leadership this would make a good study to undertake. It is very well written and has good questions for reflection at the end of each chapter. Though designed for the individual I could see this as a useful tool for those involved with, or setting up, a team based around prophetic prayer or healing as much of the material does have a crossover element to the healing ministries too.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (03/09/13)
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