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The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

by Hannah Whitall Smith


Price: £3.99
Publisher:Spire/Pub Revell imprint of Baker Books from Lion
Published:January 2013
A lovely exceptionally affordable edition of what is probably one of the best known "Quaker" books out there. Though written over 100 years ago this book still reads as well today as it ever has, there are in these simple honest words and thoughts by Hannah Whitall Smith a timeless wisdom and beauty that encourages you on in your own faith. There is strength and purpose, courage and determination and unremitting faith on every page, and all of it simple to understand, easy to read and a blessing to recieve. "It depends only upon the fact of an entire surrender and an absolute trust. Anyone who will honestly use these two wings, and will faithfully persist in using them, will find they have mounted up with wings as an eagle, no matter how empty of all emotion they may have felt themselves to be before." (pp248). A beautiful work and at a bargain price - this is a brilliant book.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/03/13)
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