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Helping Your Little Girl Become an Extraordinary Woman

by William Beausay, Kathryn Beausay


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Revell imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:August 2012
Having raised two daughters of my own and currently viewing a grand-daughter about to enter her teens, I read this book hoping to find affirmation that I had done a reasonably good job, but keen to learn modern methods of "girl-rearing".

The authors have drawn on their own experience and those of 25 other mothers to attempt to help you give your daughter confidence and leadership skills, to encourage positive attitudes and creativity and to build a strong spiritual foundation.

In a culture when we hear so much that is negative about our children, and when we are aware that parenting courses are so often seen as being only for dysfunctional families, it is heartening to find a book which is so affirming and encouraging about bringing up your daughter.

If you are willing to translate some of the wisdom and ideas from a very definite American culture then you will find this book a heartening, if rather a lengthy read.

In my view an edited version of this book - perhaps with bullet points - would make it more alluring and useful to the modern day parent who does not have the luxury of time to wade through 233 pages, some of which I found repetitive.

Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (06/04/13)
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