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I Am In Here

The Journey of a Child with Autism Who cannot Speak but Finds her Voice

by Elizabeth M. Bonker & Virginia G. Breen


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Revell imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:01 December 2011
Elizabeth’s father gave up his career to be there for his children enabling Elizabeth’s mother to continue her work in Investment Funding, both fully committed to supporting their three children. Their elder daughter Gale, their son Charlie who has autism that makes him hyperactive and Elizabeth who this book is about.
And what a book!
Elizabeth’s mother has written this book with such love and with such deep understanding of her daughter’s gifts and needs. I have deliberately put gifts first in that sentence as I feel her mother would want. Elizabeth is a highly intelligent young lady with a particular gift of poetry but so much more. Trapped within a body that she is unable to control and ‘voiceless’ till the wonderful discovery that she could communicate through a letter board, she is very aware of her condition and the strain this puts upon the people around her: such wonderful people.
Her mother has searched throughout the States to find those who can support and help Elizabeth. She has battled with the education system and those who would write her daughter off as untreatable. Together they have tried so many things, always searching for ways to help Elizabeth. She has linked up with other mothers in similar positions, sharing their hopes and fears, their traumas (of which there are many) and their tribulations.
This is a heart-warming and emotional book to read but so rewarding. It was a privilege to share in Elizabeth’s poetry and thoughts – so mature at a young age – and to hear her message of hope. Most important is the mother and daughter’s love of God, and there is much here that we can all learn from.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/05/12)
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