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Making Love Just

Sexual Ethics For Perplexing Times

by Marvin M Ellison


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Fortress Press from Alban Books
Published:June 2012
This is a heavy and intense book that is rigourous and with really tiny print! However it has a lot to say and could be considered essential reading for our modern age. It is not a book afraid of addressing issues and really wading into them in all their muddied glory, as the chapter headings highlight: 1.Why do we have to keep talking about sex all the time? 2. What makes 'good sex' good? 3. Is it still adultery if the spouse has Alzheimer's? 4. Is same sex marriage a must or a bust? 5. Is pro-choice what we mean to say? 6.What do we have to learn from, as well as teach, young people about sex? Now if these headings don't just shout out group discussion then certainly the content of them does. This is a book designed to make you really think through the questions that are really there in our society and that we really would rather ignore or just gloss over. However this book isn't about doing that, this book is about dealing with the issue, with really and seriously engaging with it, something we must do if we are to honestly engage with our society as it really is. An intense book but one that I think many could do with engaging with, even through the blushes, shock and disagreements.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (17/12/12)
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