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Christian Social Teachings

A Reader in Christian Social Ethics from the Bible to the Present

editor George Wolfgang Forell


Price: £25.99
Publisher:Augsburg Fortress Publishers from Alban Books
Published:September 2012
This is a revised and updated second edition of a book that would be more than at home on the bookcase and in the hands of anyone interesting in ethics and social theory, because it really does provide an insight into the development of our western social ethic. At the beginning of each chapter we get a brief introduction and overview to the authors and subject, followed by a well thought out selection of their writings think of it as a well chosen tapas selection with all the delightful flavours encapsulated in small tasty easy to nibble bite sized pieces!

As we get to the contemporary issues we get good solid discussion on core topical issues (that probably would be just enough info and detail to scrape a pass grade on an essay if you hadn't read anything else!).

The only downside with the book is that it is of course American and as such much of the topical discussion is from an American stance and that is a little different to the society we have here in the UK and can cause some small issue. However on the whole it's a solid tour through the subject and introduction to key authors and subjects.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/03/13)
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