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Dem Dry Bones

by Luke A Powery


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Fortress Press from Alban Books
Published:July 2012
This deserves to be an instant classic. This challenges the fluffy preaching that is so common in many contexts and instead proposes that we deal with death if we want to offer authentic hope and eternal life.

While forms of prosperity gospel are both popular, and achingly speak to the aspirations of many the question still remains, how does it minister to one's soul in the midst of actual life with all its hardships? Soul, spirit, life, death and integrity all converge in this gritty honest volume.

Powery proclaims that :- "preaching hope is inadequate without taking death seriously. Not only is death the context for preaching hope, but hope is generated by experiencing death through the Spirit who is the ultimate source of hope." This is a meaningful and enduring engagement with Ezekiel 37 in particular and the spirituals. Beyond superficiality and with real grit!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (18/02/13)
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