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Dorothee Soelle - Mystic and Rebel: The Biography

by Renate Wind


Publisher:Fortress Press from Alban Books
Published:April 2012
This biography translated from the German is of a remarkable woman and is a book well worth reading. Dorothee Soelle (1929 -2003) combined within one person an amazing number of outstanding qualities. An intellectual with deep religious convictions, as well as a theologian she was a writer, lecturer, poet, mystic and political activist. She was also a wife and the mother of four children. Courageous, honest and outspoken, Dorothee was sometimes at odds with established wisdom, both political and religious, and for this she was often maligned. She was, however, never deterred. Among the causes she espoused were The Peace and Justice Movement, the Option for the Poor, and Women’s Liberation. In her view religion was not a purely personal matter, but rather something that should work for others, in particular the underprivileged, the persecuted and the victimized. She based this on her deep love of the crucified Christ. She was also, by her own admission, driven by a sense of guilt at the atrocities perpetrated by her fellow Germans before and during the 1939-45 war, although she herself was but a child at its outbreak.

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Reviewer: Alexandra Irvine   (27/11/12)
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