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Wind, Sun, Soil, Spirit

Biblical Ethics and Climate Change

by Carol S. Robb


Price: £13.99
Publisher:Augsburg Fortress Publishers from Alban Books
Published:March 2010
Fortress Press have published a scholarly and unique book that seeks to earth ecological justice in the soil of a sustainably biblical vision. Carol Robb weaves together so many of the most difficult themes possible, ranging from ecology, economics, the New Testament and our environment in this rare and accessible title.
After reading I felt significantly helped to move from naiveté to understanding and beyond in this critical cultural matter……. As the subtitle paints, this is biblical ethics and it’s intersection with climate change as the focus with academic rigour clear throughout ranging from Torah to policy change! This attractively delivered book offers content and challenge in abundance as well as longer footnotes than many books! Truly important and insightful for our times.

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (27/08/10)
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