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Stretch Marks

by Kimberly Stuart


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Xlibris distributed by Gardners
Published:29 May 2009
The strap line for the book is… “When a daughter becomes a mother, can she learn to accept her own?” I was hoping this was going to be a fun Bridget Jones style book as the cover kind of gave it that impression, but actually what it is was a disappointment for me. I think the cover was trying to illustrate mum and daughter but I felt that it failed. Shame that, because with the right cover it could have altered the feel of the book.
That aside I didn’t find it a chore to read. It was quite short and the story flowed, I just felt something was missing and I wanted more. There was some humour in it but not enough for me. I know that this was set in the multi-cultural city of Chicago and the story was highlighting the difference between the daughter’s new life and her upbringing but I felt it was over emphasising these differences too much for me.
Don’t let me put you off, because if you want some by the pool reading then I would suggest this book and then leave the book behind because unfortunately I didn’t find this a keeper.

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Reviewer: Zoë Stevenson   (16/03/11)
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