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Hosting the Presence

Unveiling Heaven's Agenda

by Bill Johnson


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Destiny Image Publishers from Joining the Dots Distribution
Published:May 2012
Let the Spirit rest upon you! This is the premise of this book by Bill Johnson.

Bill Johnsonís ministry is characterised by his teaching on the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit is evidenced in peopleís lives and how the Spirit beings power and the presence of God.

This is a book to read, ponder, put into practice and read again. Bill teaches how all believers host the Presence of God but shows how that Presence should so overwhelm and fill that it overflows out into a thirsty world.

Billís teaching is practical. He shows how to listen to the Holy Spirit, how to recognise Him and how to respond to effect others.

To ground his work, Bill provides Biblical evidence of prophets and kings who lived their lives by the very word of God through His Spirit. And just in case we think those times are long past, he records some of the great revivalists of the modern era whose lives were characterised by Godís power and presence.

A challenging read which should be ignored!

Reviewer: Catherine Clark   (03/05/13)

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