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Rules Of Murder

A Drew Farthering Mystery

by Julianna Deering


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Bethany House imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:September 2013


As someone that quite enjoys cosy mysteries—you know the Miss Marple, Albert Campion, Agatha Raisin type (so ok the last one is set in a slightly different era but you get the idea!)—I can honestly say I really did enjoy this book. It appears to be the first in what is going to be a series, and I'll look forward to reading the rest and seeing how things progress forwards with some of the characters we met in this first book.

There is absolutely no harm in this book at all—well ok there is murder, the allusion of marital infidelity, and the like—but it's all done most circumspectly and with decorum, if that makes sense. What you have left is a gently amusing 1930's mystery with quite interesting characters, enjoyable dialogue, a smidge of romance, and a touch of coming to faith in it.

On the front cover it has a recommendation that says it will appeal to 'the most ardent Agatha Christie fan' but to be honest it actually reminded me much more of Margery Allingham in style and tone, especially with the interaction between Drew and Nick, and yes even the setting of Farthering Hall—much more Campion, although Nick isn't quite a ringer for Lugg.

It was a really enjoyable way to spend an evenings reading and though at times perhaps a little cliche—but then to some degree most of this genre is and perhaps that's part of its charm—it was a good read I'm happy to recommend to other fans of such cosy mysteries.


Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (29/03/14)
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