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Everything the Bible says about Prayer

by Keith Wall


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Bethany House imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:01 June 2012
Just 126 pages in which to say everything the Bible says about prayer?
At first glance this book looks overly optimistic. Yet this is no simplistic guide to prayer that is likely to raise the expectations of a new Christian unrealistically. The opposite is closer to the truth. This is a thoughtfully introduced and compiled collection of Bible quotations that would make an ideal gift for any recently baptised or confirmed adult. In fact that is precisely where my review copy is headed!

The book is divided into 14 sections. The first 12 guide the reader through the nature and practice of prayer. Topics include the elements of effective prayer, Jesus' own teaching on prayer, praying for wisdom, forgiveness, justice, protection, healing, adversity and prosperity. The final two sections of the book look first at prayers that one will find in the Bible and finally at thoughts on prayer by classic Christian writers. Despite its slimness this book is surprisingly comprehensive, except in the final section where classic writers before the Victorians are unfortunately ignored. That aside if my experience is anything to go by, many will find this slim volume enormously helpful. After a particularly difficult Sunday, the book fell open at a quote from Psalm 91. Perfect.

Reviewer: David Ford   (17/12/12)
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