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God's Words of Comfort

Bible Passages to Calm Your Fears and Feed Your Soul

compiled by Barbara Kois


Price: £3.99
Publisher:Crossway Books from IVP
Published:October 2012
A little book that basically takes eight situations in which God's comfort may be needed - these are: grief, loneliness, illness, guilt, persecution, failure / unmet expectations, fear, and finally need. Each themed chapter opens with a quote from a Christian work looking at the subject at hand, followed by a short introduction or contemplation to help contextualise the issue. It then offers a series of quite large sections or chunks of the Bible (various translations are used for these) that are applicable to the theme being dealt with, as comfort to the reader that God understands what they are going through and has already offered his comfort. After each section of Bible passages there are a couple of lines interpretation of the passage demonstrating its relevance and help - and offering forward its comfort. It's much more a dip and flick book than a real solace, however. As a collection of thematic Bible passages and overviews it does its job, but I could see it being most helpful to people looking for help in crafting sermons or doing readings / talks etc. on the subjects at hand, as it does collect a number of passages on topical themes together in one small book.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (28/01/13)
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