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No Matter the Cost

Igniting a Life of Strength and Honor

by Vance Brown


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Bethany House imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:August 2012
Discouraged, exhausted and doubting?! Then if you're a man this new book is particularly for you in its journey into God's grace, strength and forgiveness. The call of Jesus is always "come follow me!" Vance Brown engages in a robust dialogue with Thoreau's analysis of a generation of men, living in "quiet desperation". Brown curates wisdom, stories and scripture in a patchwork that is both compelling and challenging the depth and fruit of our faith.

There are insights galore with some of my favourites being the humility equation, the call to weep and the invitation to battle and dance!

I'm always keen on a gutsy, gospel, Christ-loving book that messages passion, hope and tenderness. This is all this and more. Here are many short, pithy, action-orientated chapters mean that this message is really powerfully. Top class stuff!

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (26/02/13)
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