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The Art of Mentoring

Embracing the Great Generational Transition

by Darleen Zschech


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Bethany House imprint of Baker Pub from Lion
Published:23 August 2012
This globally-known singer-songwriter, who has an amazing track record in leading a large and celebrated worship team, is well-placed to write a book on the art of mentoring. She has put together a resource from which anyone can learn. It comprises chapters which focus on fourteen ‘values’, including encouragement, humility, excellence and people. Because of its structure, it is a good book for reading in bite-size portions; each chapter stands alone as a reflection on its own subject. The writing is laced with Scriptural references and stories from Zschech’s own experience, which is plentiful when it comes to raising up the next generation of leaders. If you are interested in mentoring, this is worth a look because, although it does not give great attention to the mechanics of mentoring, it does convey something of the heart which is foundational to being a good mentor.

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Reviewer: Chloe Lynch   (16/07/12)
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