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The Work of His Hands

by Jeffrey N. Williams


Price: £18.99
Publisher:Concordia from Trust Media Distribution
During his six-month space mission at the International Space Station in 2006 Colonel Williams beheld the wonders of Godís creation through the portals of his temporary home and photographed amazing sights which he shares with us in this beautifully presented book. You do not need to have a special interest in space flight to be entranced with these pictures, though if you are interested in the details of space travel you will also be fascinated by the details of the mission he was taking part in. Some of the photos are of the crews and equipment but the ones that gripped my attention were spectacular sights from all around the world. Wave patterns, cloud patterns, man-made patterns, all show up clearly when viewed from outer space. A short eruption of a volcano only known about because it was photographed by Jeff Williams; views of cities and sand dunes, rivers and shipping channels, all help to show us what a wonderful world we live in and throughout the author gives God the glory.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (27/09/10)
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