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Open Your Bible

The All-In-One Bible Guide

by Ed. Martin H. Manser


Price: £25.00
Publisher:CLC Wholesale
Published:07 July 2011
Open You Bible is a fantastic resource book and best of all it is not massive or heavy, it is compact and comprehensive. The pages are filled with bite size sections and easily digestible chunks that help you get the best taste and flavour of the Bible.
For each book of the Bible there is a summary, an overview, an outline, a look at key themes and then an interesting section that explains that book's relevance for today. In with these are also maps where needed and photo’s to add colour and depth to understanding.
Despite describing it as a guide to the Bible it goes a step further than most do and in it you will also find sections such as dealing with ‘Knowing Jesus’ – which is a comprehensive but easy guide to understanding Jesus and many of the things he taught and teaches. In some ways this in itself is an incredible guide to the Christian faith. However the real guide to the Christian faith is found at the back of the book where you encounter amazing study pages that deal with ‘Living the Christian Life’, ‘Discovering God’s Way’ and ‘Understanding Bible Teaching’. These sections are short enough to be used as daily quiet time studies, but comprehensive enough to be used at group sessions too.
For £25 you are getting a bargain with this book because it really will guide you through the bible – and beyond

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (13/08/12)
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