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My Very First Easter Story Sticker book

by Lois Rock illustrated by Alex Ayliffe


Price: £2.99
Published:21 January 2011
My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book carries a brightly coloured and child friendly cover and the inside pages offer more of the same. The stickers are accessed from the middle of the book and the places where they fit are shown as plain coloured shapes in order to simplify the finding process. The Easter story is told simply for accessibility of the intended age group. And the inclusion of a question at the bottom of the core pages of the book allows the reader to reflect generally within their every day frame of reference. The back pages of the book give an outline of the life of Jesus in words and pictures. Finally, the last page gives a feel good prayer for Easter in rhyming verse.

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Reviewer: Ruthie Thomas   (21/02/11)
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