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Are You Sad, Little Bear?

A Book About learning to Say Goodbye

by Rachel Rivett, illustrated by Tina Macnaughton


Padded Hardback
Price: £6.99
Published:20 March 2009
A gentle story of learning about loss. Little Bear has said goodbye to his Grandmother for the last time, and his wise Mother sends him off into the Wildwood to see what lessons he can learn there to soften his grief. It is autumn and as he wanders through the woods, he talks to the swallows flying off to warmer climes, to the trees losing their leaves, to the sun who appears to die when it sets and the moon constantly changing, and he learns from them all that although things don’t always stay the same, there is always a bright side to seemingly sad things, a bigger picture for us to see if we take time to recognize the ‘Great Heart that holds everything for always’.
Young children of 3 – 7 years will find comfort and hope in this story.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (14/04/09)
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