From the Children: Bible Stories & Prayer,4-11 section

50 Favourite Bible Stories

With 3 Audio CDs

Retold by Brian Sibley, illustrated by Stephen Waterhouse, selected and narrated by Cliff Richard


Price: £14.99
Published:21 March 2008
I had been looking forward to seeing this book since seeing a press release about its forthcoming publication. I am thrilled with it. The book alone is well worth the price, and with the inclusion of the three CDs read by Cliff Richard, it is a real bargain, and I hope that means that it will come to be loved by children who would not otherwise hear these stories. Cliff reads well and clearly, the child can follow along and an unobtrusive jingle reminds you to turn the page and another announces the end of a chapter.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (15/03/08)
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