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Simon and the Easter Miracle

A Traditional Tale for Easter

Retold by Mary J. Joslin illustrated by Anna Luraschi


Price: £5.99
Published:21 January 1111
A traditional folktale based on the Biblical telling of Simon of Cyrene who was forced by Roman Soldiers to carry the cross of Jesus. The story is told in an interesting narrative that spurs the turning of the pages. One tiny bit of the tale jarred for me and that was the one time Jesus spoke and gave a reply to Simon’s question. I was left thinking ‘Would Jesus have used those words? Anyhow later when the story opened up more, a connection to what He had said became apparent. I enjoyed the colours and style of the illustrations. A book to be enjoyed as many times as it is picked again from the book shelf.

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Reviewer: Ruthie Thomas   (21/02/11)
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