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So Many Everests

From Cerabral Palsy to Casualty Consultant

by Diana & Victoria Webster


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
Published:October 2012
Victoria Webster was born with cerebral palsy but she wanted to become a doctor and this book is the delightful account of how she achieved her aim despite the many hurdles she had to overcome.

When Victoria was born, her parents were told she would be limited in her functionality, and her communication skills and that they should not expect too much of her. Her loving parents, Diana and Mike duly listened to the doctors but began to listen more to their extraordinary daughter who proved the doctors wrong continually.

The book records both Victoria's story and Diana's story. Diana Webster was living and working in Helsinki when Victoria was born and the book records her experiences with the establishment and how she and her husband dealt with and supported their daughter. The family had further difficulties to overcome beyond Victoria's condition when Diana's husband, Mike, died prematurely.

Victoria experienced disappointment, bullying, and discrimination but always rose above and carried on until she reached her goal. She became the first doctor in the Nordic countries to specialise in Accident and Emergency medicine, and has been a consultant in England, Finland and Sweden.

It's always good to read of someone overcoming what should keep them down and this is such a heart-warming book, but it also does more than just show the strength of the human spirit as it addresses what society calls 'normal' and 'different', and invites us to seriously think about that.

Reviewer: Catherine Clarke   (27/05/14)
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