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Jesus: A Short Life

The Historical Evidence

by John Dickson


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
Published:18 May 2012
An excellent book! I enjoyed it as a reader and then put on my ‘book selling hat’ and thought how good the book was for a general bookshop or a Christian bookshop and the wide range of potential customers from student to confirmation candidate to general reader. John Dickson tackles the old challenge of ‘Did Jesus really exist?’ in a clear, lively and very readable manner, using the latest thoughts and evidence. Having read similar more academic tomes, I found myself re-visiting evidence in a fresh way and therefore gaining new insight, so even if you think you know the answers, reading this book can refresh your belief and discussion. If you then wish to go further there are detailed notes and a bibliography to do follow up reading. Refreshing that an academic can bridge the gap and produce a book which informs and reads well without being too formal and stiff.

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Reviewer: Carole Burrows   (28/08/12)
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