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Eric Liddell: Pure Gold

The Olympic Champion Who Inspired Chariots of Fire

by David McCasland


Price: £9.99
Published:23 March 2012
As Olympic fever takes its grip on the world once again, it is a great opportunity to revisit the story of a truly sporting hero. Where this biography improves on previous versions is the development of the story into just who Eric Liddell was and where his strong conviction of faith developed. With analysis built up from letters and school reports, McCasland takes us deeper into the life of Liddell than we have previously gone. He shares the story from young boy through the Olympic adventure onto missionary fulfilment and has introduced me to a man I wish I had known and assures me that I will one day get to meet in glory. This is so much more than a sporting biography, but rather a challenge to each of us on conviction in our faith, submission to God's calling and perseverance through adversity. Well worth a read.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (28/05/12)
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