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Stretcher Bearer!

Fighting For Life In The Trenches

by Charles Horton


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
Published:March 2013
This book is the remarkable memoirs of a private in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) during the First World War. Here is the story of a man who spent the war saving lives rather than taking lives.

Dale Le Vack has carefully edited Charles Horton's memoirs and added background information about the war and the role of the RAMC. The result is an interesting, thought provoking and occasionally shocking read.

Although there is some description of the death and carnage that was trench warfare, this is not the focus of the book. Rather what comes over is a picture of day to day life near the front line and the bravery of these selfless yet almost forgotten heroes. Countless people owed their lives to the stretcher bearers who daily risked their lives to rescue the wounded from the battlefield.

This is a book by a Christian rather than a Christian book. His faith is seen by his deeds rather than his words.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (04/11/13)
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