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Less is More

Spirituality for Busy Lives

by Brian Draper


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
In this book, Brian Draper offers us a blueprint for a better life, something that must be better than this! In today's world, dominated by political and social pressures, where the need to be on the Blackberry, or to read the latest tweet or email or simply to be rushing from one meeting to another determines our life, the author suggests that we stop and declutter.

Finding himself in this position Brian Draper, asked himself a number of questions, such as "How can we make space to live and breathe?"; "What do we really want to do with our life?";"How can we make the difference that we alone were put on the Earth to make?" and the book explores these questions, and many more which should help make a "life transformation".

He offers us a choice, carry on regardless or look for an awakening of the Soul and the guiding of the Spirit and where these two meet show us a new way forward.

A book whilst easy to read gives us all a challenge.

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Reviewer: George Taylor   (10/01/13)
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