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The Lion Concise Atlas of Bible History

by Paul Lawrence, R Johnson


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
Published:November 2012
Lion have produced an excellent book up to their usual very high standards, which provides a comprehensive guide to the world of the Bible by covering Biblical history from its earliest days to the end of the New Testament period. The book is divided into short sections in historical sequence, each covering a two-page spread including maps, site plans, diagrams, time-charts and photographs. It has a geographical and theological scope as well as historical. The text is well-written and clearly set out, and there is an extensive index together with a useful glossary and bibliography. Paul Lawrence studied Hebrew and archaeology at the University of Liverpool and draws on the latest archaeological and historical research. He has also published The Books of Moses Revisited. As with other Lion publications it is highly recommended.

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Reviewer: Graham Wise   (18/02/13)
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