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Faces of Christ

by Jane Williams


Price: £9.99
Published:20 May 2011
Another gift book for the literati from Jane Williams. The perfect gift for those who love looking at works of the great masters with some intelligent discussion of the subject matter as well. Nothing too deep but by the same token nothing too vague either. This time dealing with the Faces of Christ though to be fair it's not necessarily dealing with the face of Christ but rather the representations of Christ from childhood to resurrection, the different images portrayed and the 'face' that presents to the world.
Quality is again very good as one would expect from a Lion gift book. It has a dust jacket, shiny paper, good reproduction and colours on the images, of which there is a good selection, and a decent print and styling which do make this a very nice gift/coffee table book.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (08/10/11)
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