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Celebrating 50 years of Songs of Praise

by Trevor Barnes


Price: £12.99
Published:19 August 2011
An excellent ‘biography’ of the programme so familiar to many of us. From its very beginning to the present day the changes in format and presentation are explained. Some changes are the result of new technology, others driven by the need to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. In order to keep the viewing figures high, to satisfy those who would like to see it moved to a less popular time, constant attention is given to viewing figures, not something that the individual viewer takes into consideration with their likes and dislikes! So much goes on behind the scenes that the majority of us are unaware of.
Through the years different presenters have become well loved ‘family friends’ and their stories are told with affection. Each has had their own style of talking to those who have shared incidents from their lives, many sad, all inspiring.
The photographs throughout help tell the story, and I learnt so much of interest, that I can heartily recommend this as an enjoyable book for anyone who watches Songs of Praise.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/08/11)
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