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Luther and Calvin: Religious Revolutionaries

by Charlotte Methuen


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Published:18 November 2011
Martin Luther and John Calvin were two of the world’s most influential religious thinkers who called for reform and revolution in church theology and practice in 16th Century Europe. In Western Europe in 1500 there was effectively no religious choice but by 1600 the world had changed so that different places had different churches where not only the buildings looked different but theology, ideas and practise varied greatly.
Martin Luther and John Calvin were at the centre of this change, which helped sweep away the religious certainties which were in use at the beginning of the century and replaced them with a religion which shaped men’s lives by looking at a world beyond the Holy Catholic Church.
This book, by Charlotte Methuen, who lectures at the University of Glasgow, sets Luther and Calvin in their historical perspective and explains how their theology was shaped. Calvin, a generation after Luther, took the idea of Luther’s Protestantism to new levels and proved inspirational to new generations throughout Europe as well as North America and South Africa.
An excellent introduction to two of Christianity’s most famous and influential theologians.

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Reviewer: George Taylor   (14/07/12)
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