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1536 - The Year That Changed Henry VIII

by Suzannah Lipscombe


Price: £9.99
Published:October 2012
Suzannah Lipscombe carried out this research when Associate in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Historic Royal Palaces and Kingston University. I found this very readable and liked the way she discussed the opinions of other Historians, not discrediting their findings but in the process of research reinforcing her own theory that 1536 was a pivotal year in the life of Henry and as a result crucial in the formation of what we know as the Church of England. It is amazing how many letters and other documents are still extant. As well as those written about in this book, there are others mentioned in a 2009 TV programme, and this gave yet another view. A fascinating subject that as Research Curator at Hampton Court Palace, Suzannah Lipscombe will hopefully write more about.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (30/04/09)
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