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Gunning for God

Why the new Atheists Are Missing the Target

by John C Lennox


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Published:23 September 2011
Lennox makes a good anti-Dawkins. He too is a scientist and holds a professorial chair at Oxford, but is a Christian, and has taken on Dawkins et al in public debate across the world (winning on the occasion when a vote was taken…) But his concern is not to score debating points but ‘present in the public space a credible, rational alternative to the fare which the New Atheists offer’. To this end he ponders arguments both to refute atheist argument and to evidence the plausibility of Christianity (including issues such as the atonement, miracles and resurrection). There is no shortage of books at the moment on these subjects, but Lennox’s contribution is both powerful and lucid, and well worth reading if you intend - as I hope you will – to play your own part in this important public discussion.

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Reviewer: David Thomson   (09/01/12)

Reader review: - Luke Hughes-Bunger, TGBS Reviewer, 31.12.11

Atheists are becoming increasingly vocal in their objections to faith, but faith itself, shows no signs of going anywhere. Is their any substance to their claims, or are they just missing the point?
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