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Living With the Planet

Making a Difference in a Time of Climate Change

by Catherine von Ruhland


Price: £10.99
Published:14 March 2008
From March of the Penguins to an Inconvenient Truth, the issue of Global warming is a topic we can not and should not avoid. Often these Hollywood films are apocalyptic in nature, “if we do not, then.....” as are many books on the subject. If they are not doom and gloom, then books from a “green perspective” are usually manuals on how to recycle bottles and change to energy efficient light bulbs. As someone who has been involved with the environmental movement for nearly 20 years it is nice to come across a book that doesn't either hype the situation or treat me like a child. Yes we still need advice on how we can change our habits but we need to be treated like intelligent adults. Thankfully Catherine von Ruhland does just that.
No stranger to the environmental debate (she wrote Going Green: A Christian Guide 15 years before the similar How Many Christians Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb came out) von Ruhland takes a different path to many books and breaks the issue down in a number of ways. The first way is to look at Global Warming across the continents, including Antarctica, and also looks at the situation as a whole for the land and the oceans. It is this that gives the chapter outlines. In the chapters there are heroes, those who changed the way we look at the world around us. These include Jacques Cousteau, Rachel Carson (who alerted the world to the dangers of DDT), Chico Mendes, and Peter Scott founder of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The chapters also contain success stories where habitat and wildlife have been saved, action points of what we can do and contact agencies where we can get help or information. Even so this book is not without fault. The USA is seen as the bad guy for not signing up to the Kyoto agreement yet no mention is made of the other nations (including Japan and Australia) who have also shown a reluctance to sign something which they see as unscientific. Also no mention is made of the USA being a leading centre for alternative fuel technology for cars - nearly all our hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been developed in the USA with government backing at some level. As Lion is a Christian publishing house it would have been nice to see some use of Scripture, but the book is no weaker for that. One for anyone who wants to do what they can for God's Earth.

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Reviewer: Phelim McIntyre   (30/08/08)
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