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Life-changing Bible Verses You Should Know

by Erwin & Rebecca Lutzer


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers
Published:August 2011
This book consists principally of 39 short sections, each dealing in two or three pages with topics from Adversity and Anxiety to Witnessing and the Word of God. Each section is headed by a passage or two of Scripture on the relevant theme and then followed by a couple of pages of comment. The writers' theology is unexceptionably evangelical. The problem that I have with a book which is essentially providing verses of Scripture to memorise for tough situations is that in dealing with 39 topics in about 150 pages nothing can be dealt with in depth and comments seem to me to be too often simplistic and lacking in a nuanced approach. That, of course, is the danger of such a compressed work. As a source book for scriptural quotations and with the caveat above, it can be recommended.

Reviewer: Roger Coode   (26/02/13)
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